Annual Sheen Lecture

Wednesday, December 9 @ 3PM (Streamyard)
Life Is Still Worth Living: Archbishop Sheen and Hope at the End of an ‘Annus Horribilis’ with Fr. Roger Landry
2020 has been a year few will soon forget. It calls to mind the trials of Job in a 21st century context. Just weeks into the new year, we were met with a global health crisis wrought with physical suffering, death, and mourning on a scale seldom seen. The repercussions of the crisis transformed every aspect of daily life. Changes in our basic interaction with one another, historic unemployment, food insecurity, disruption to our children’s education and our ease of transportation, even spiritual lockdowns all gave rise to 2020’s heart-rending “new normal”. This year also brought with it mass demonstrations as well as riots, flowing from our unhealed racial discourse and the undeniable history underpinning it. The widening polarization in politics could be felt in our Church, already heavily burdened by closures and the wounds of past scandals. For many, the light of the Gospel is a lifeline in the presence of such darkness. In this year’s Annual Sheen Lecture, Father Landry (title) brings to the fore that Gospel Wisdom through the lens of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen’s cultural vision. What would Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen say to Catholics and all people of good faith today in response to these challenges? How would the expert communicator “communicate” the hope and charity that lies at the heart of faith? Join us on December 9, 2020, the 41st anniversary of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen’s death, for the Annual Sheen Lecture. The discussion will feature Father Roger J. Landry, in a conversation with journalist Kathryn Jean Lopez about Sheen’s answers to these critical questions concerning matters of faith in these difficult times.

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