Does the State have the right to decide which individuals have value or who is/isn’t worthy of life?

Do the needs of society – including economic considerations – ever outweigh the value and dignity of individual human persons?

What do you see as potential governmental threats to human life and dignity today, particularly among the most vulnerable segments of society?

Do you feel doctors and those in the medical establishment should be bound by the Hippocratic Oath – a criteria of ethical standards, first among them doing “no harm” to patients?

Who decides which traits are “normal” and which constitute a disability or disorder?  Who should have the power to make those decisions?

Should people be allowed to use gene therapy to enhance basic human traits such as height, intelligence, athletic ability and sex?

What could be the positive uses of genetic engineering?

What could be an unethical or questionable uses of genetic engineering?

Do you know a mentally or physically disabled person? How do they influence your life and perception of human value?

What are the lessons learned from the eugenics movement and the Nazi atrocities? How do they apply to our lives now in 2019?

Do religious leaders have a responsibility to publically speak out on moral issues – even when defending the truth is unpopular? Do individual citizens have the same responsibility?

Have you ever had to take a moral stand? Did it cost you anything? Is there something for which you would be willing to risk your reputation? Your livelihood? Your life?

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