The Gallery at the Sheen Center

Robert Aitchison & Arte Fogata

The Gallery at the Sheen Center

Started by Brooklyn-based artist Robert Aitchison, Arte Fogata’s visual arts workshops engage children living in at-risk and disadvantaged circumstances in and around La Paz, Bolivia. 

“I Can’t Breathe” by Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS

The Gallery at the Sheen Center

“As always when I encounter or experience something which cuts into my heart in a place too deep for words, I create a visual image.”

Kristone Capistrano “Breathe”

The Gallery at the Sheen Center

“I wanted to capture the beauty that I saw from this child, an unspoken language of intimacy we all share. A language that precedes the sort of theorizing that I allude to above. There is a softness and tenderness in a newborn that truly encapsulates the meaning of human life and existence: touch, breath, hope, new life.”

DOEprojekts: Mandalas for a Time of Quarantine

The Gallery at the Sheen Center

DOEprojekts Deborah Adams Doering and Glenn Doering This artwork is a part of our current on-going “Mandalas for a Time of Quarantine” series. It incorporates DOEprojekts’ coreforms. At its center is the word “home” which is also at the center of all of our daily lives right now. While home is surrounded by viruses, new … Read more

Janet McKenzie: Holy Mother of Comfort and Solace

“Holy Mother of Comfort and Solace” by Janet McKenzie 36” x 48” Oil on canvas 2019 See larger image below “COVID-19 is stealing our beloveds. Every part of our collective soul hurts and it is impossible to absorb the concept of how many have died and been taken from us so quickly across New … Read more

Oksana Prokopenko – “Blue Madonna”

“Blue Madonna” Oksana Prokopenko “You are looking at the Blue Madonna. It is a mosaic made with smalti, a hand-made Venetian glass. The work is created in a centuries old Byzantine traditional technique. Mary embraces her baby in a loving protective gesture of timeless love and compassion.” “I invite you to let your eyes drift … Read more

Rex Hausmann: “The Prayer”

The Prayer” (2020) by Rex Hausmann 48×72″ Acrylic on canvas with a coin from Saint Paul de Vence and San Antonio Tiles See larger image below At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis I called a friend, Dustin. He is a physical therapist at a local hospital in San Antonio and is the man responsible … Read more

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