Erin McAtee

The Gallery at the Sheen Center

For today’s Contemplative Tuesday in our Faith, Hope & Love series, we feature the work of Erin McAtee.

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Erin McAtee, former Sheen Center artist-in-residence, seeks to facilitate, through various mediums of art and beauty, encounters with Christ in the poorest of the poor: Both to bring Christ to the poor, and meet Christ in the poor. She currently serves as a missionary associate with LAMP Catholic Ministries and works alongside the Missionaries of Charity, the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, and the Sisters of Life to minister to impoverished communities in Manhattan and the Bronx.

Erin writes “When I look at you I am confronted with a choice. In your face do I see the face of Love? Do I see Christ’s wounds in yours? Do I see Him when I hold you in my gaze, beholding the image of God before me? Can I see Love?”

“I can also choose to avert my glance, to avoid and cover up the wounds and brokenness built up in your heart; to discard the presence of Love, living and breathing within you. I can choose indifference to Love.”

“How much darkness the choice of indifference causes in our hearts! And how much joy, peace, and light flows from the choice to simply see Love. Each ordinary encounter becomes exciting when we choose to see each other in God the Father’s love and mercy within those He places in our paths.”

“St. Teresa of Calcutta once said in an interview, ‘You are important to me as far as I see Christ in you.’ Let’s seek His face within the poorest of the poor in front of us. Let’s see Love.”


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