Oksana Prokopenko – “Blue Madonna”

“Blue Madonna”
Oksana Prokopenko

“You are looking at the Blue Madonna. It is a mosaic made with smalti, a hand-made Venetian glass. The work is created in a centuries old Byzantine traditional technique. Mary embraces her baby in a loving protective gesture of timeless love and compassion.”

“I invite you to let your eyes drift around the work, see what attracts you – is it Mary’s sky-blue hair? Is it the baby’s gaze that sees beyond time? Is it the background, a limitless space that includes all?”

“Gaze softly into Mary’s eyes, allow the love of the infinite Mother to flow to the core of your being, your heart and soul. Lay all your sorrows in her lap, her compassion is boundless. Invite the healing energy she offers freely to heal you, envelope you like a soft embrace.”

“Be the child she embraces, feel the embrace and its timeless safety. Mary is the feminine wise and compassionate energy within each and every one of us. Feel the welling up of agape – the deep mystical love that embraces all without exception – within your heart.”

“From the grounding of the work, stand up tall and feel the kindness emanating from your heart- towards yourself, towards those you love, and towards the world around you.”

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