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Robert Aitchison & Arte Fogata

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 3pm

Started by Brooklyn-based artist Robert Aitchison, Arte Fogata’s visual arts workshops engage children living in at-risk and disadvantaged circumstances in and around La Paz, Bolivia. 

Aitchison says, “Arte Fogata (loosely translated ‘Art Bonfire’ in Spanish) is a visual arts workshop I started in summer 2015 after several trips to Bolivia to exhibit my paintings in local galleries. I was deeply moved by the poverty I witnessed; particularly with children living in the streets without proper care or supervision.

I am grateful to partner with Fundación Alalay, a Bolivian organization that provides compassion and community for children susceptible to adverse situations such as economic poverty, homelessness, emotional and physical abuse, addiction, and human trafficking.

Since 2015 I have traveled to Bolivia at least once a year to teach a month-long workshop. This exciting project brings art and creativity to over 100 children in the city of La Paz and the town of Huajchilla. Together we create art, explore our imagination, and learn to express ourselves and connect to one another in a safe, enthusiastic, positive, environment.”

Arte Fogata online: https://www.robertaitchison.com/arte-fogata

Instagram: @artefogata

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