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Janet McKenzie: Holy Mother of Comfort and Solace

“Holy Mother of Comfort and Solace” by Janet McKenzie
36” x 48” Oil on canvas

See larger image below

“COVID-19 is stealing our beloveds. Every part of our collective soul hurts and it is impossible to absorb the concept of how many have died and been taken from us so quickly across New York City, the country and the world. This profoundly sad time of dying reminds us evermore and once again how much we need unconditional love and hope. Beloved Mother Mary, who has embodied the iconic feminine spirit across time, remains a steadfast and comforting presence to this young woman who rests her head on Mary’s shoulder. We are all this young woman, each of us needing familiar maternal reassurance and a place to rest our own weary heads.” – Janet McKenzie, artist, The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont 

“I think we all need comfort and solace at this time. I can feel myself sinking into her shoulder. I can feel her put her arms around me. I can feel myself releasing breaths I have held for too long.” – Reverend Katherine Burgess, Spiritual Director and Presbyterian Minister, the Presbyterian Church of Canada in response to ‘Holy Mother of Comfort and Solace’, March 29, 2020


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