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Elina Kim sings “Villanelle”

Presented by The Sheen Center and ProMusicis

Friday, May 22, 2020 @ 3PM

The Sheen Center, in partnership with Pro Musicis presents Elina Kim and pianist Jinju Oh performing “Villanelle” by Eva Dell’Acqua on April 23, 2020,Wiesbaden, Germany.
English translation:
“I have seen the swallow fly over In the clear morning sky: She was flying by
wing To the land to which she is called By the sun and the jasmine. I have seen
the swallow fly over! I have followed for a long time with my eyes The flight of
the traveller… Since then, my dreaming soul accompanies her through the
skies. Ah! ah! to the mysterious land! And I would have wished like her to follow
the same path… I have seen the swallow fly over….”

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