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Storytelling: Celtic Mythology

Thursday, April 5, 2018 @ 11:00am

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In ancient Ireland, tales of gods, warriors and magical spells were shared throughout the land. But a tale is only as good as its teller.

Spend an evening in the realm of epic transformations with world renowned storytellers Laura Simms and two-time CCE Gold Medal winner Marianne McShane. They will embody the characters and walk the landscapes of two mythic tales, “Children of Lir” and “Diarmud and the Woman Beneath the Waves.” Post-performance, our storytellers are joined by Irish literature specialist Jeff Cassvan of Queens College to discuss the meaning of ancient myths and the oral storytelling tradition, moderated by producer Maura Kelly.

Ireland is recognized throughout the world for its rich folklore tradition. Since ancient times, its Celtic culture and history has primarily been preserved through oral storytelling passed down generation to generation. Seanchai’s (pronunciation shan-a-key) hold an important link to the preservation of Ireland’s Celtic heritage and its oral literature legacy. They were the wise ones. Known as traditional storytellers, these guardians of customs and history were known to recount ancient lore and tales of wisdom to kings and villagers alike whenever needed. Join us for an evening of epic storytelling by two contemporary seanchaí.


Queens College students free. (RSVP needed, limited space)

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