Wonder Woman at 80: Femininity and the Power of Virtue


Since first appearing on the pages of All Star Comics in 1941, Wonder Woman has become a pop-culture icon, with the Amazonian princess holding her own against the likes of Superman and Batman and headlining her own 1970s television series and now a hugely successful film franchise. But beyond her famous golden lasso and bullet-deflecting bracelets, Wonder ... Read more

I Am with You: Lessons of Hope and Courage in Times of Crisis


We’ve lived a difficult year and in his new book, I Am with You: Lessons of Hope and Courage in Times of Crisis, New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan invites us to see where God has been in the pandemic year we’ve lived together, from one March to another. It’s a help to see how in the ... Read more

8beats Roundtable and Screenings


The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture in association with Docs/ology Films, the presenting partner of the "8beats" anthology -- a series of 8 shorts by Catholic filmmakers inspired by the Beatitudes -- will host a roundtable on Wednesday, March 3 featuring filmmakers and talent, moderated by David DiCerto, Interim Executive Director of The Sheen Center. ... Read more

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