The Sheen Center


A Celebration of First Deputy Fire Commissioner William M. Feehan

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Seniors, students, veterans, clergy, and employees of the Archdiocese of New York receive a $5 discount on tickets with valid ID. Please contact our box office at or call (212) 219-3132 for more information and to purchase tickets.

Book Review

"...Mr. McDonald manages a gut-wrenching firsthand minute-by-minute, decision-by-decision description of the morning of 9/11. With skilled interviewing, the last hours of Chief Feehan’s life are pieced together, starting from his routine coffee and over-easy eggs at Flushing’s North Shore Diner to his refusal to leave Ground Zero minutes before the North Tower fell.

"Five Floors Up is an homage to the families who absorb the aftermath of such courageous choices and a tribute to those whose job is much more than a career. It is a resurrection of firefighters fallen in battle with the “red devil” and a celebration of those who have picked up the hose in their stead."

The Wall Street Journal  | September 18, 2022