Pitch Black Immersive Experiences


An immersive experience in complete darkness

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VIP / First Class tickets include a drink at the lounge, premiere boarding with a small drink and snack, and a drink and food item at your destination.


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About the Story

The show tells the story of a blind musician whose life takes him from Buenos Aires to New York. You will follow a boy as he discovers music, learns to play the guitar, travels the world and eventually leads and succeeds with his own band. He will also suffer heartbreak and loss in a country torn with inner conflict. ODD MAN OUT is not just about telling a story, it’s about creating a unique theatrical experience. Forty percent of the staff and creative team are or blind and low-vision individuals.

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“Surrender yourself to this moving story”

“ The Enriched smells are so real they take you out of yourself”
- Theaterpizzaazz

“ An intriguing theatrical experiment that makes you want to see more”
- Theasy

“ Authentic and inclusive”
- N1